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24 May 2007


Great news for those looking to break into IT

Two recent research studies have given a boost to the many people outside of the IT industry who are keen to move into this lucrative industry. (And for those of you inside the industry, don't forget just how lucky you are, with salaries well above the norm).

e-skills UK, the UK Government IT industry skills council published a report which includes the statistic that 60% of employers do not consider an IT degree to be an important factor when selecting potential candidates for jobs in IT.

And market research firm Vanson Bourne published data which shows that only 12% of HR managers would hire an IT graduate.

So if you are looking to break into IT, then consider this news positive. Get the right training and this will count for more than 3 years in an academic degree course. Fortunately you can also train at the weekends - take a look at Weekend IT Training site for courses in Oracle database administration and database development.

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