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11 March 2006


How do you layout SQL statements?

Do you try to establish a visual style for laying out your SQL statements? I have a particular style for my SQL, but to be honest I am not sure if it adds any value or not. Your feedback would be appreciated.

In essence what I try to do is have a single space after the first keyword of the statement which is carried through a vertical line all the way down the subsequent lines of the SQL statement.

For example:
SELECT ramp_agent_id
  FROM dispatches
 WHERE delay_mins > 5

Notice how I have right justified the keywords to the left of the vertical spacer (i.e. SELECT, FROM and WHERE) and left justified text to the right of the spacer.

Group By is too long to fit as a whole to the left of the spacer, so I only fit Group to the left and put By to the right. For example:
SELECT ramp_agent_id, COUNT(*)
  FROM dispatches
 WHERE delay_mins > 5
 GROUP BY ramp_agent_id

Although when adding a group by I could move the first three lines of the above example to the right so that the vertical spacer was after "BY" I deliberately don't do this as 2 or more select statements near each other in the code, one with and one without a group by look odd (to me).

Things get a little more complicated with more complex WHERE clauses. This is how I deal with that:
SELECT ramp_agent_id, COUNT(*)
  FROM dispatches
 WHERE delay_mins > 5
   AND (   delay_code = 500
        OR flight_status = 'A')
   AND destination = 'LHR'
 GROUP BY ramp_agent_id

Here I am lining up a subsidiary vertical spacer in the WHERE clause to align the various predicates that are placed inside the brackets.

The above is based on my background with Oracle (the DBMS I was using when I was first paying serious attention to these things).

Anybody got other schemes they use?

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